I know, I was right where you are.

Here I am, almost 2 months into my Thrive experience and this is my first blog post. Well, let me tell you why….

I was just like most of you. I see the pictures, I read the posts; sometimes I smile, sometimes I roll my eyes. I know that I’m tired and would love an energy boost, but this can’t be the solution. The people slangin’ this stuff are only doing it because they failed miserably at their Amway business. It’s a pyramid scheme! I don’t want any part of that. I’m just gonna get a bunch of spam in my email and people are going to pressure me to spend a bunch of money on products that don’t even do anything. I can’t afford it anyway. Man, she looks a LOT different. He is so upbeat now, seems full of energy, must be faking it. Why won’t he stop posting about this stuff?? I don’t want to have to feel pressured into buying something just because he’s my friend. What is this stuff anyway….

I’m sure I am missing a TON of random thoughts people have had while scrolling through Facebook, but those were a few I have experienced personally. I was on the fence, I didn’t know if I really “believed” this stuff would work. I wondered if it was more of a money making scheme than a health product. Was it just some pyramid that was making a couple dudes at the top crazy rich while the rest of the group held the wool over their own eyes.

Then I saw my wife start to feel better. I saw her personally experience the benefits of the joint support. I will never forget the day we were sitting in the living room watching TV and she wanted to get something from the kitchen. Pretty normal occurrence, no big deal, right? Well, that was until I realized that she just popped up off the couch quicker than I had seen her get off the couch, maybe ever. I called her out on it and I’m not sure if SHE even realized what had just happened. From that moment, I was intrigued. My intrigue didn’t lead to instant purchase, as it seemed pricey and I wasn’t sure I could afford it. Then one day, after watching my friend’s posts on Facebook for WEEKS, I finally decided to make a move. I saw what it was doing for other people and I wanted to know for myself whether this stuff was real or not. So, I decided to give it a shot. I told my friend, Mandy, I was excited to try it out but I was really unsure as to whether or not I would be able to continue, I still didn’t feel like I could afford it. She told me that I would be surprised at the money I would save in other areas. Things like, not drinking coffee or soda, not craving fast food, having more energy to cook at home, etc….I thought, yeah, we’ll see.

The first day, it was kind of like Christmas, I was excited to open my gift! I took the capsules, and then took a shower. After getting dressed I went to the kitchen and mixed up my shake; it actually tasted pretty good! Then I took one of those crazy little patches and stuck it on my arm. I wasn’t sure if I wanted people to see the patch yet, since I was just starting and still not sure if it REALLY worked, so I placed it high enough to be covered by my sleeve. Midway through my work day, I was certain I felt something. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I just felt awake and alert, even at 2 pm when my eyes usually got heavy. Not today! I rolled through my work day and headed home feeling good. A few more days went by with the same routine and I felt as if I was almost building momentum. I had enough energy that I would get up at 5 am, go to work all day, get home around 6 pm and didn’t even want to sit down. After a few weeks, I couldn’t deny it any longer, I was changing. I hadn’t had a cup of coffee since the day I started (and still haven’t) but I was full of energy every morning. I ride a state employee van to work every day with about 12 other people and one day I happened to look around and noticed that I was 1 of only 2 people actually awake in that van. The other person, luckily, was driving the van. I was drinking TONS of water, had been eating less at each meal and not snacking nearly as much (the appetite suppressant had a big impact on my eating habits). I no longer had that “heavy” blah feeling, I just felt lighter and happier. My mood was so much more upbeat that I noticed it myself. I would think, I am talking WAY more than I used to my coworkers and really enjoying it.

After the first month, I knew I was going to continue on through the 8-week experience. I decided to upgrade to the Black Label DFT patches and see if I noticed a difference. I have been using the Black Label now for a few weeks and I would definitely say the energy if amazing. Turns out, Mandy was telling the truth, I was shocked at the money I saved not running out for a morning coffee or grabbing fast food for lunch and dinner. My appetite in general had been curbed so I was no longer having cravings like I was before. I thought, wow, maybe I can afford this. Well, even better, a few friends had seen what it was doing for me and wanted to give it a shot for themselves. Thrive has an incentive program that allows you to get your products FREE if you have 2 active customers order for themselves. So, I feel great, I’m saving money AND I am no longer even paying to use the products! I still feel like I am building momentum, that has not stopped. I am also down 6 pounds without making any intentional changes to my diet or my (non-existent) exercise routine.

To everyone who is reading this and still thinking, “yeah, yeah, yeah, keep talking used car salesman” I just want you to know one thing, I absolutely 100% do NOT want to sell you some crazy health products that you don’t want or need. I have no desire whatsoever to “trick” people that I care about into spending money on some whacky pyramid scheme. All I wanted was to try it out for myself and all I want now is to keep feeling better than I’ve felt in a really long time. Why do I post online? Sometimes I just feel great and when you feel great, you want to share it with your friends! Other times I am excited about what Thrive has done for my friends, myself, my wife and my dad and his wife and I want people to know that their own personal Thrive experience is right here for the taking! I am not a salesman, it has never been something I have wanted to do. I also consider myself a very genuine person and I hope that my friends and family know and believe that about me as well. I’m just happy, full of energy and optimistic for the future and Thrive is a big reason why. So, if you ever get to the point where you are so tired of being tired and you think, “What the hell, let’s give this a shot” I would be happy to help you. I would also be happy for ANYONE to help you! Sign up under my wife, my dad, my friend Mandy, it doesn’t matter because this is about YOU, not me.

One thing I know for sure, after sitting here until 2 am typing away, I’m gonna be REALLY thankful for that extra energy boost tomorrow!

**What the hell, let’s give it a shot.

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