Harry’s Shave Club: One Guy’s Opinion

After a lengthy and questionable holdout period, I finally decided to dive in and try this whole razors through the mail gig. I have been intrigued for a while yet I never could pull the trigger. Maybe I’m too big of a skeptic at heart; I seem to think that if something is too convenient, there must be a catch! I assumed it must either cost more than I should be paying for the privilege of being lazy OR I would be getting some flimsy, dull razor the quality of a disposable. Well, hey….it’s 2018 and I am out of replacement blades for my Schick Hydro, so I’m going for it. I suppose the worst that can happen is the razor is a flop, I’m out a few bucks and I have to get off my lazy butt and make a trip to Target. Without further ado, my thoughts:

My wife and I have sampled several different subscription boxes and one thing that I have discovered is that first impressions are important. The shipping box the package arrived in was a pretty basic rectangular cardboard box. However, once you venture inside the shipping box, things get more interesting. The inside of the box itself had a couple of small messages and the mammoth logo, nothing too fancy. The supplies were then packaged inside a sealed bag, which definitely appealed to me personally. Regardless of whether or not the contents were truly more sanitary arriving inside this bag, tearing the top off of the bag to unseal your razor undoubtedly gives off the impression that you are receiving a fresh, untainted product. In addition, the more individual packages you have to open, the more ‘stuff’ it seems like you are getting! This concept could obviously be taken to an extreme and it could become cumbersome, but in my opinion the sealed bag and individually boxed razor was the perfect touch.

After unsealing the bag I finally got to the goods! A trial size shave gel, a travel razor blade cover were inside along with the razor itself which was individually packaged inside a nice box. After more than a little deliberation, I elected to go with the blue handled razor as opposed to the traditional orange handle. It felt right at the time, but I will admit, I find myself having a bit of buyer’s remorse thinking about that orange handle. The weight of the Truman razor ($9) seems ‘ok’, not light enough to feel cheap but definitely not heavy enough to feel like a high end razor. They do offer a higher end handle, The Winston ($20), for a little more than double the price of the Truman and I may try it in the future. It claims to be heavier, have an upgraded “knurled” (diamond pattern) grip and can even be personalized by having your initials engraved onto the handle. The five blade razor head attached and removed extremely easily and operates with a flex hinge that allows the blade to glide smoothly over the different contours it will encounter. During my first shave as I was still getting a feel for it, my initial thought was that the hinge was too loose and I wondered if I would be getting a smooth shave. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shave was extremely smooth even with the loose hinge and very little pressure applied. As for the shave gel, I was actually impressed. It had a really nice lather and very nice scent as well. The travel razor blade cover was a fantastic little extra to throw in as I did not have one previously and I hate throwing my loose razor into my shave bag.

This kit was obviously just the ‘trial’ and my actual shipment should be arriving in about a week. The plan I signed up for includes 8 replacement blades and 2 large shave gels which will ship every 3 months for $27. Obviously, time will tell as far as the durability of the handle and the blades; I am also unsure if the 2 shave gels will last me 3 months or if that was wishful thinking. What I do know is that if this plan does work for me (even with a few minor tweaks) it will 100% save me money. The Schick Hydro replacement blades I get from Target cost about $12 for 4 blades or $3 per blade. Add this to the cost of the Nivea shave gel I typically purchase and that would come to around $32 for the same amount of products. If I can get a great shave by having a comparable razor and a quality shave gel delivered straight to my door AND save $5 doing it, I’m in! The last item in the box was the referral card pictured above which are very important to business like this. Word of mouth has been and always will be the best form of advertising around and clearly Harry’s knows this. They offer a referral program which saves you AND your referral $5 off of your next box when the referral signs up for a trail with your link. Based on my experience so far, I would say there is really no reason NOT to try it out for yourself. You will get everything I just described here for just a $3 shipping charge, so if you decide it’s not for you, at least you got a new razor, some shave gel and a nice travel cover for only a couple bucks!

Click HERE to start your own trial and see what all the hype is about!!

Do you like subscription boxes/services? What have you tried?? Tell me about your experiences in the comments below.

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