Stones On The Path

I started this blog as an outlet for my creative thoughts; as a way to reconnect with myself and awaken my soul. What I have discovered in the months following the creation of this blog is, it is really difficult READ MORE

Lights In the Darkness: Reaping the Rewards of My Depression.

Just be yourself! How hard can that be?? There are a million reasons why people all over the world struggle with what seems, on the surface, to be a simple enough concept. Some of us are self-conscious to such a READ MORE

….I just got….something….in my eye.

Wait, what just happened?! I know it’s 2017 and I’ve always been pretty good at math, but there’s no way 20 YEARS just slipped through my fingers like a breeze blowing through the trees! Is there?? *sigh…..Life is a real grab READ MORE

Someday, you’ll thank me for it….

Have you ever been going about your business when suddenly something SMACKS you in the face?! This question could be taken literally or figuratively, but I’m sure it has happened to most of us at one point or another. Sometimes READ MORE

Step One: Start Moving.

Hello, my name is Jeff, I’m 40 and I’m feeling pretty lazy….. It hasn’t always been this way, I used to be really active and social. I used to like to play basketball, tennis, hike at the lake, sing, hang out with READ MORE