Best mens watches: GQ Watch Guide 2017

What time is it?? I should know, judging by my case full of watches. I’ve never considered myself “addicted” to anything, but if I was forced to make a list of things I would rather not do without, somewhere just below my family and friends, would be watches. I think it all started when I was a little boy and took an interest in my father’s pocket watch. There was just something about it that fascinated me, something that made me feel special just to hold onto it. As I got older and more “techy” I decided I needed a watch that did all the really cool stuff, like had an alarm, a light and stopwatch. This phase lasted until my late teen years when I decided it would be cool to play the role of distinguished gentleman and needed something a little more upscale. Now that I have reached adulthood I have an appreciation for all different types of watches and my collection has continued to grow, thanks in large part to my amazingly giving wife! In honor of my obsession I thought I would share some pretty sweet models (that I could never afford) reviewed by British GQ. Check out the link below and have your credit card ready!

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