About Me

Hey, I’m Jeff! I’m a 40-year-old husband to a beautiful wife and father of 4 amazing children.

I’ve loved writing and telling stories since I was really young. My first memories of creative writing/storytelling are from long road trips with my grandmother, when she would ask me to tell her a story. I’m sure a lot of parents or grandparents do this with their kids, but something about my grandmother was different. She was extremely engaged and made me feel like what I was creating really mattered. She asked questions and made comments and always encouraged me to give her more ‘detail’. I feel like that encouragement led me to love creative expression whether that be written, artistic, musical or theatrical.

My love of music was also sparked by my grandparents as they had myself, my brother and my cousins all singing since we were 2 years old. My grandmother formed us into a children’s gospel group called ‘The King’s Kids” and our early childhood was spent traveling around singing to whoever she could get to listen! These early years not only developed my love for music, but also a close bond with my family that I am thankful for to this day.

I attended Kansas State University, where I earned my bachelor’s degree, and have remained in Manhattan, Kansas while raising my children. A few of my interests outside of writing are soccer, basketball, singing, reading and musical theater. As my kids have gotten older, my life has revolved more and more around the activities that they participate in and I have slowly drifted from my own creativity. This blog is a platform for my creative thoughts and opinions to come to the surface and I hope that it can be a benefit in the lives of others.

Read, comment, share and enjoy! If there is anything else you would like to know, ask away!